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Proper Treatment
Jeanette Hands
Proper Treatment

N.S.A. helps you to release tension and pain, become more adaptable to daily stresses,
and experience an enhanced sense of well being.

Jeanette Hands

My vision at Colorado Healing Hands is to create a space for healing
which invites the unknown to become known.

Jet # 8

For children, minor traumas from bumps, bruises, falls and spills accumulate over time
and can result in pain, discomfort and/or health issues in their teen and adult years.

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Dr. Jeanette Reed
Dr. Jeanette Reed
Dr. Jeanette Reed

Network Chiropractic is the most amazing healing you've never heard about.

Sean B.

Sean B.

I walked into Dr Reed’s office with severe trauma to my neck and shoulder knowing I didn’t wanna do the traditional Western medicine. It was a great decision! We looked at my x-rays, and she came up with a treatment plan. I could barely lift my right arm. Now, just under 2 years of treatment and… I throw frisbees on a regular basis, I ski (hard), and I live a very active lifestyle, thanks to the help from Dr Reed and her Magic Hands!!


Amber P.

Amber P

I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, but Dr. Reed is not like others; she’s a gifted, natural healer. She’s gentle, but also knows when your body is ready for more. She not only helped my specific backpain issues, but also with emotional issues I had no idea had built up. She’s also just a wonderful human… I look forward to my adjustment appointments.


Desirée L.

Desiree L.

I started seeing Dr. Reed this year because I had pain in my lower back and shoulder, and tendonitis in my hand. The pain in my hand was interfering with my ability to do my job. After a series of sessions with Dr. Reed, the pain in my hand and shoulder is almost completely gone! With each network session I can feel my whole nervous system relax and refresh itself. Dr Reed gives me her full attention and care in every session. My time with her is always so nurturing and healing!

Sales Associate

Janice K.

Janice K

After my grandmothers death I became too sick to care for my children with no help from hospitals and traditional MD’s. By my side the whole journey, Dr. Reed addressed the issues in my tissues and brought me back to a healthier me! I would not be here today if not for her expertise and magic hands! Thank you Dr. Reed for saving my life!

Holistic Practitioner