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Dr. Reed’s Techniques

Dr. Reed started studying with Dr. Donald Epstein in 1993 during her first year in Chiropractic College. He is to this day her favorite teacher. His pioneering technique, Network Spinal Analysis, captivated Dr. Reed with its simplicity and effectiveness.

Network Spinal Analysis, N.S.A., is a gentle and low force technique that has two main goals.  The first is to help your body release the spinal cord tension it has been holding onto your entire life from physical, emotional and chemical stressors.  Then secondly, this powerful technique teaches your spine how to self adjust. Vertebrate, the bones of your spine, adjust themselves and get back into alignment once the vice grip of spinal cord tension is released enough.  The spinal curves return, the posture regains its natural integrity and the body benefits immensely.

N.S.A. helps you to release tension and pain, become more adaptable to daily stresses, and experience an enhanced sense of well being.  Your spine learns to connect to tension and release it, learning to “self adjust”.  Adjustments will also encourage a calmer nervous system, which assists in better sleep and an increase in your immune system function.  You will experience an increase in your vitality and your performance with a spine that is in better alignment.

Dr. Reed combines this gentle technique with other methods of adjusting such as traditional spinal adjusting, cranial sacral techniques, and massage therapy.  Her methods are so gentle she adjusts patients of all ages from newborn babies, pregnant mommas and senior citizens.  She also specializes in extremity adjusting for your hands, feet, shoulders and knees.