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Our Approach

My vision at Colorado Healing Hands is to create a space for healing which invites the unknown to become known.  Healing is an inside job and I want to create a space for my patients to find their inner healer, the innate power that orchestrates the universe which is within each and every one of us.  

What drives me is the satisfaction I feel in my soul when I know I can contribute to the life of another.  This contribution may come in many forms- chiropractic care, massage therapy, listening with presence and compassion, a referral to a magnificent complimentary therapist, or new idea to ponder. 

 I became a chiropractic patient at the age of 15 and my entire life changed from this experience.  My passion for the healing arts began at a very early age and I feel my life experiences make me a much better doctor and healer.  I have lived the journey of healing and I am able to show the way to others.

My Story

Dr. Jeanette Reed

I was 15 years old and having panic attacks.  My menstrual cycle was irregular and my periods were coming once every few months. I was an emotional roller coaster and I had no an idea of what to do about it.  I didn’t know why I was so sad one minute and angry the next.  My sisters were calling me “Sybil”, which was the name of a popular book at the time about a woman with 17 different personalities.  It was a very hard time in my life.

My friend suggested we go to a chiropractor to see if he could help me.  I knew my grandmother had been to a chiropractor and I was curious. And I was desperate.  We went to see a friendly man near my home.  His name was Dr. Bob Bader.  He talked to me about my physical traumas and I said, “Would playing roller derby in the street for hours and wiping out cause any trauma?” He laughed.  I was a major Tom Girl and had had many falls over the course of my 15 years.  Dr. Bader gave me X-rays and showed me how my lumbar 3 vertebrate was tilted down on the left.  He explained the Lumbar 3 was the nerve root that sent signals to the ovary from the brain. So basically every other month when my left ovary was trying to ovulate, the signal wasn’t getting to it and the ovulation was not complete.  It made perfect sense to me.  This explained why my cycles were so irregular and why my hormonal balance was drastically off.  I got my first adjustment and I walked out of his office full of hope for myself and feeling better.  Over the course of a few months, I was smiling, laughing and had no more panic attacks.  I truly felt I had gotten my life back. 

I went on to college, got married, taught Montessori Preschool and worked in restaurants.  I did massage therapy as a side hustle and was working for a chiropractor helping him with his patients.  One day when I was 27, I was complaining to my sister that I just couldn’t keep doing what I was doing.  Massage was hard on my body and restaurant work was arduous and I wasn’t making enough money.  She woke me up with her words, “Jeanette, you can do anything you set your mind to do. There are many other things you can be doing with your life.”  This encouragement sent me down a road of search and discovery.  What did I love?  What could I do to have a better standard of living for myself?  What did I believe in?

Chiropractic was my answer. The D.C. I was working for encouraged me to go to chiropractic school, and he said he felt I would be great at it.  Thank you, Dr. Harvey Salzberg, for believing in me.  

Dr Jeanette Reed headshot 2018

About Dr. Reed

Dr. Reed graduated from Life West Chiropractic College, Hayward, CA, in 1996.  She graduated with honors in Clinical Excellence.  She owned and operated Family Chiropractic Wellness Center in her home town of Stockton, CA for 18 years and sold this practice in 2015 when she moved to Denver, CO.

Dr. Reed and son Aiden

She has a son, Aidan, who is 23 years old and lives in San Jose, CA.  She currently lives in Lakewood, CO.

Dr. Reed enjoys getting out into the gorgeous state of Colorado- hiking, camping and bike riding.  She loves to garden and to grow medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers and vegetables.  She enjoys dancing and live music.  She can be spotted down town Denver just ambling around like a tourist, but not on a scooter.  No, not the scooter!

Next Steps…

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